Small Businesses

  • Full Service Bookkeeping
  • Virtual CFO
  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning/Projections
  • IRS Representation


  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning/Projections
  • IRS Representation
  • Quarterly Tax Calculations

IRS Representation

There are several reasons the IRS may audit someone. They could decide to take a deep dive into your finances for something as minor as claiming part-time self-employment income in addition to wages earned from your full-time job. Data entry errors, or an incorrect filing status could also raise the IRS’s eyebrow. You did nothing wrong. But you got the letter anyway. This is where Dacia Grimes can step in and relieve a lot of the stress and anxiety that naturally occurs with an IRS audit. Instead of you appearing in front of the auditor and trying to decipher what every other word means, Dacia can appear on your behalf to clear up any confusion or mistakes in a timely, low-stress manner.

IRS Audit Red Flags

In March of 2020, updated an article titled 20 IRS Audit Red Flags. Here are the top 5 red flags mentioned in the article.

  • Failing to Report All Taxable Income
  • Making a Lot of Money
  • Taking Higher-than-Average Deductions or Credits
  • Taking Large Charitable Deductions
  • Running a Business

That article shines a spotlight on how easy it is for law abiding citizens to get snared in an IRS audit. It doesn’t necessarily mean you did anything wrong. They just want to take a look around.

Small Businesses

Business owners have vastly different needs than individuals. Dacia understands that if your business is hurting, then you are hurting as well. She can address your business needs while also relating to your individual goals and needs.

Have you been cutting costs everywhere you can think of, but still barely breaking even? If you know for a fact that the Balance Sheet is accurate, but the Cash Flow statement is not adding up, then it’s time to bring in an experienced tax professional to find the stray miscalculation, or that tiny bit of misinterpreted data that is throwing everything out of whack.

Maybe the numbers are telling you a hard truth, and it’s time to apply for an SBA loan. Dacia can help you get your finances in order and file for that loan. As your diligent wealth advocate, she can also inform you of how current laws affect you, and help you stay up to date on new law changes that will impact you in the future.


Whether you need help with every phase of preparing your tax return or just need someone to review what you prepared and file your taxes electronically, Dacia can help. Bring in your paper 1040s, Schedule Cs, W-2s, etc. Dacia Grimes can use them to E-File your taxes for a quick return.