Service Guarantee (Non-Tax Services)

If you are not fully satisfied with my services, for any reason, Dacia Grimes, CPA will refund one half of my service fee (during the first 30 days from commencement of services). This guarantee is limited to my services that specifically offer the guarantee in the service engagement letter, signed by both parties.

Accuracy Guarantee  

In the event that you are assessed a tax penalty on a U.S. federal or state income tax return that is due to an error I made, Dacia Grimes, CPA will pay the penalty, subject to the following guidelines:

Dacia Grimes, CPA will prepare your federal and state income tax returns from the information provided by you, or others designated by you.  It is your responsibility to provide complete and accurate information, on a timely basis. I will not audit or otherwise verify the information provided.

If I made an error in the preparation of your federal or state income tax return, that is not the result of inaccurate, incomplete, or untimely information, and such error results in an assessed penalty, I will refund the penalty to you, subject to the following restrictions:

You must provide me with a copy of the penalty notice within 60 days from the issue date of the notice;
I shall have the right, at my sole discretion and expense, to request abatement of the penalty from the taxing jurisdiction, which may require you first paying the penalty to the taxing jurisdiction before abatement is sought, or prepare an amended federal or state income tax return;
My liability shall be limited to the amount of fees paid to me for the respective federal or state income tax return, related to the assessed tax year;
Dacia Grimes, CPA is not liable for any tax or interest liabilities due to any taxing jurisdiction. My guarantee does not extend to additional taxes, penalties or interest that are assessed as the result of: (i) incorrect, incomplete, false or misleading information that has been provided to me in connection with preparation of your federal or state income tax returns; (ii) the taxing jurisdiction’s inability to obtain from you sufficient records to support deductions, credits and other items on your returns; (iii) your failure to timely pay the income taxes as shown to be due on your returns; (iv) federal or state income tax return positions that challenge current statutory, judicial tax precedent, or tax jurisdiction interpretation; (v) notification of examination or audit from a tax jurisdiction, for which I had not been informed of prior to commencement of my services; and (vi) U.S. federal information returns, even if required to be attached to your federal income tax return.